​Active and passive

Active and passive   video       2'36"        2019

In daily life, humans’ s behaviors are always limited by various tangible or intangible factors. The video recorded the daily commute and the behavior during the forced state. I have no ideas about when I started to observing the behaviors in the underground and try to know  why people behave like this. Then I realized that it depends on where they are and what the gender of them. But few people realize that their actions are being formalized and observed. So I decide to make a video work to record the daily life action and make it compare some actions what I was forced to do.   

Gary Hill: Cut Pipe

Body language from almost every day I see people send out, this is a very interesting observation Angle of view, at the same time also let me in the transport the seal environment found some inspiration, usually people are relaxed in public, but it also depends on the different identity, gender and social status. Because I have a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder, which can be traced back to my childhood, my parents always forced me to do things. I am surprised found that this character has been passed to me, so I made this work, also can connect to Gary hill works, "Cut pipe". In this installation and video, a close-up of the hand (one hand touching the surface of the sound) seems to be the hand making the pipe sound. This work inspired me a little bit about the emotions that body language can express, even in the silent works, you can feel the meaning of it, the silent image seems to have a hidden voice coming out of it.