In the progress of investigating the core ideas of my projects, I found that I gradually become interested in people's desires and how society affects people's thinking and behaviour. The main media of my works are installations and videos. I prefer to present topics and issues in a specific way. I prefer direct to express the ideas which I would like to discuss, and I will let people feel it the theme such as using the daily life scene and objects. 


The social environment influences people in their thought and behaviour, it creates many things which influence my making works. Like most people in contemporary society, I often follow the popular social media and spent a lot of time on it. Especially in lockdown period because of Covid-19 spreading around the world. It makes us rely on the internet and pushes us to try a new lifestyle. Thus, it is a quite a specific opportunity for me to explore these subjects in my work. Social media and eating compose the two essential parts of life, and I think it is true for most people at present. In my daily life, I often observe the behavior and words of others. This habit was formed in my childhood, because in Chinese culture, learning to observe and understand the people’s expressions and language is an important education for children. This is also the reason why I want to use body language and human behaviour to be the main themes of my works.


Based on these core ideas, I use mixed media which I had never tried in my BA period. It is beneficial for me to study a range of media in my postgraduate study and lead works to have more possibilities. It is inspiring to me to explore more possibilities by trying different ways to make different work with similar themes.


My works are always using humour as most of the topics are negative and depressing. As an artist, what I can do is just watch the development of phenomenon and show my thinking of it.

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