The future...?

As I move forward to life after graduation, I will use most of time to get a job in university from my hometown. That would be different period in my life and fine art education is also different in my country. I also will spend times in my tutor’s studio and as an assistance tutor in there. The job of the studio is for teaching high school students to face Chinese Gaokao of art (the exam for applying university), that is also a challenge for me because I need to spend almost all day to teach students and revise their paints or sketch. But this period is a transition time before applying job in university. In otherwise, this job would provide me a way to make living for myself which will prove myself to my parents. They often afraid about how I would support my life as an artist. In spare time, I would rent a studio to continue my art works as I want to explore more possibilities in the theme of the works.


Key Skills: collaboration


              Catering team

Crypt show is my first professional exhibition in London with my amazing fine art classmates, which is a large group show with 37 artists. In this preparing progress, we need to consider about theme of the works and how these works could respond the environment in the crypt. Then the collaboration is the most vital part, I need to discuss with the curation team and change the position of the work as the variational situation because the condition in different location might be better for other’s works. Because of the complex facility conditions, my screens are difficult to fix on the wall, but finally I still find the out the solution. It gives me more experience in solving the problems about hanging the works.


At that time, I used to work with catering team and that was the first time I set about planning the amount of the drinks and food for a public event. That was not just prepare food and drinks for viewers but also should consider about the donation, serving and the ability to improvise. It is quite a challenge for me to have a great talk with other people.


Key skillsCatching the theme




In ‘Emergency’ exhibition, the artists who from the Wimbledon collage of arts display their works at Platform Southbank gallery, which is a middle scale gallery. In this progress, I develop more material in my works and also concern more about the theme of exhibition. So, I did more research about family education combining the previous works and try to use installation showing them. Every exhibition is an opportunity to improve the communicate and ability of the cooperate, I need to discuss with curator about the position and how the light would be better for my work while concerning other’s works. Because of the limited of the area, we need to understand and accept the space of everyone’s work, it is a way to fuse each other work and make it to be a fabulous exhibition. 


Even we from a same lesson group but I still feel amazing when I saw other’s work. Because this is quite a good opportunity to know more about how my classmates develop their works and different thoughts of the works are produce a collision of ideas. As a collective, we need to corporate when install and transport the works. This experience makes me know more about transport problem and how to arrange the time this previous setting up period

Corridor exhibition

Key skills:  Mix together





Corridor exhibition was one of the MFA in-house exhibition which happened in front of the fine art studio. We were in divided by 4-5 people’s group and saw how we can use the maximum similarity within our works to curate a pop-up show quickly. We met the problem about the subject of the works because we don’t actually have works that fit each other’s theme. Thus, we decided to find the keywords to cover all of our work and we both like to discuss society problem such as the refugee, social relationship, modern people’s aesthetic and the truth or lie within public announcement. The connection between each other is what I most interested part in this event because I will have more solution and experience in curation fields even though it is a simple group show and also learn more about install tips from my friendly teammate. This would be helpful for my future exhibition which need to work out a variety of problems by myself.

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