Robert Gober

Looking through the core idea of my works, it often relates to the body and the imagination by body language. Robert Gober’s works are usually using the daily objects. A human leg, complete with shoe, sock and hairs on its waxy skin, projects from the wall. The surprising degree of realism in the depiction of the leg increases the shock and surreal effect upon seeing it seemingly protruding from the wall. As critic and scholar Pablo Baler argues, "the work suggests the phenomenon of the uncanny - something ordinary that suddenly seems strange, bringing out fears and collapsing certainties."  Typically for Gober, this work was also partly inspired by personal experience, in this case a childhood memory. 

In the  ‘Where To Go’,  my work comes from human’s body, the gesture would lead people to move the vision to another part of group works. The direction of fingers often points many meanings inside art works in any periods of Art history. I use the inspiration from Robert Gober’s work and add more implication in body language. Not only people could move their views, but also could imagine what inside the soil-the rest parts in casting body. Robert Gober’s work gives me a new inspiration about developing body language and a direct way to express a complex emotions in topic of body.As with Gober's previous body of work, his series of disembodied limbs presents the familiar and innocuous parts of ourselves and our common experiences in uncanny places and manners that insert a frightening or sinister reading of the work, its context, and its meaning

Gary Hill

Most of Gary Hill’s works are video art and installations. His works are often discussing about the language and human’s behaviours. At the beginning, he used to make metal sculpture then engaged by the wire sculptures sound. explored extensions into electronic sound, video camera and tape, playback/feedback, video synthesizers, sound synthesizers, installation -like constructions video installations, interactive art and public interventions. Actually, he has a large interest in the texts and poetry, which same as Chinese artist XU BING. When I did research about Xu Bing, I found out that his educated background is always about printing technology and books. He often recreates letters and form a special character system. In this progress, the meaning of understanding is weakened,much important is the idea of creating a words which belongs to him. As for Gary Hill, interacting with poets/artist George Quasha and Charles Stein, he extended his growing interest in language to a level of poetics and complex text, as well as performance art and collaboration. Initially "language" for him was not specifically words but the experience of a speaking that emerged inside electronic space (certain sounds "seemed close to human voices"), which he called electronic linguistic. 


He gives me an inspiration about breaking the fixable concept about body language and make it sound. In his works “Cut pipe”, he made two aluminum pipe are installed end to end on the floor. Two other 8-inch speakers are mounted inside the pipes facing out the opposite ends.  A spoken text is heard, sounding as if it is being funneled through the pipe onto the visible speaker.  A video image of hands pressing into the skin of a speaker - touching and manipulating it - is projected across the gap directly on the skin of the speaker, which has been painted white.  The cut pipe becomes a metaphorical cross-section of the relationship between sound and image connected by the body.  This central idea is reinforced by the literal projection of the image of the speaker / object onto the object itself and the spoken self-reflexive text that interacts with the physical manipulation of the speaker by the hands at the membrane of physicality - the skin of the object / speaker.


Tony Oursler

Tony Oursler’s works are composing with installation and videos and always permeate a sense of strange and bizarre. His works often about love, hate, and a range of relationship in society. Exploring the multimedia and installation, which is the most interesting point for me. I always like the works which could catch my eyes and include the body parts. Because the theme of my works is around the body problems and social relationships. Tony Oursler’s works use a direct way to explore the psychological and social relationships between individuals and visual technologies. Applying the humour and irony meaning to his wide range of works. In our generation, multimedia and information surround our life, we cannot stop using the high technology device and sometimes we seem to fall into the trap of media. People face the screens during the most time of a day, I think the angle of Tony Oursler’s work is transfer the view between human and technology. It seems like another way to irony how much the major people rely on the modern technology. His video works always putting the eyes and mouths on the round object, which combined a wired face to tell a specific text. Beside, his works therefore contained a certain number of recurring themes such as violence, sex, religion, finance, family, media, etc. He gives me some inspiration about making phenomenon for the works and transfer the relationships between the media and core subject. 

Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas is one of sexuality inspired artists for me, and I really apricate the way she explores the relationship between female and male. For the feminism, it is an unfamiliar field for many Chinese based art students, and it is acceptable thinking for me to touch this theme. The silk stocking often appears in her installation works, and with the cotton filler is a symbolic way to present the female body (A tender physical symbol). Simple, nature, direct, ridiculous, etc, is the core keywords of her works, she often uses an erotic but not obscene to describe a nude human body, you can easily to imagine and understand what she wants to express. Her favourite use of everyday materials in her work is as metaphor for still life. In each work, Sarah Lucas teased the audience with silly scenes. She explores the subject of gender, in addition to lead viewers a new view at their own perceptions of gender roles, also reveal something disturbing about British humour. Sarah Lucas’s work has certain natural energy, a sense of confrontation, and she often does a parody of the male pose, making it both irritating and funny with its alternative humour. For me, her works inspired me more about using the daily object to associate the identity and sexuality, using a humorous way to express popular topic. I try to use more humour and simple way to display the video works and installation, which in my recent works. Also, the materials in her works are both what I try to test in the progress

Douglas Gordon

The first time when I saw the Douglas Gordon’s work, I was falling in a visual environment to experience a relationship between body and the meaning of body language. Especially in ‘A Divided Self I and A divided Self II‘, that work gives me a huge inspiration in my work’ Would you marry me’.


In Douglas Gordons work, it shows a close-up of two arms, one hairy and the other smooth, fighting each other on a bed sheet. In the first video the hairy arm has dominance, while in the second it is the smooth arm that defeats its opponent. As the videos develop it becomes clear that both arms belong to Douglas Gordon, and that he is wrestling with himself. As the title indicates, the battle between the two arms suggests an internal battle between two halves of the self.


It reminds me doing a video work about the hands, this is because that sometimes hands could express an emotion, position, status and react of the people. For me, it is an inspiration to present a scene in relationship of lovers. Two pairs of hands display a opposite status, one is giving but the other is hesitating. It is familiar experience in relationship, unequal giving is actually common situation, it always leads the each other to destroy. That is also the review of my personal experience, I was used to a side who always giving, it actually put too much pressure to the other. Douglas Gordon’s work is the start of exploring body language and videos work for me.

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