About the work

My works are focus on the human’s behaviour and the relationship between people and food and this subject can be looking through from the series of works during courses. I like to observe and then to film the short videos about daily life like most of the young people do in every day. Filming is a direct way to express what happened at this time and different lens language could make the whole video work produce different atmosphere effect. My filming mode is fixed and stable as I think this method will help people to think through the question which I would like to propose and also let viewers to be immersed in the story while rethinking their own experiences. 


People’s live rely on the food and it provides us enough energy to achieve more worthy goals. As time goes by, people have become more demanding of food and no longer eat raw meat as they did in ancient times, which means that our relationship between with food is constantly changing. At present, more fast food appears in people’s life because people actually don’t have so much time to prepare food by their selves. However, there is nothing wrong with food itself. For the busy modern people, fast food is just a choice that can save time and relieve hunger quickly. Each food ingredient, from its most primitive appearance, will go through numerous processing processes to serve to dining table, which is the added value endowed by human beings. 


Even sometimes, I will feel bored on cooking every day, but I always feel excited when the food has been ready to serve. In fact, from every step that I prepare for cooking, the expectation and desire about the food pushing me to pay attention on every meal. In my opinion, the relationship between food and human is not just about eating and being eaten but about being equal to each other. People pay money and attention to make delicious food, and the food becomes delicious meals to give back to human beings. My parents would love to cook by themselves in daily life when they don’t have business parties. As they said, the luxury meals in restaurant is never as good as the homemade food. This thought gives me a huge impact on my life. I would like to let viewers rethink about their life ‘how long have you not cooked a meal by yourself and taken each food seriously?’ 

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From It To You

About the inspiration 

As for the similarity between "cooking" and "making art", many art creators have thought about it. First of all, both require a keen understanding and a knowledge of the material. They have many similarities on the production level -- the cooking needs to be controlled properly in the selection of materials, steps and the timing of the heat, etc., and the final dish presents the ideal taste of the chef. Artistic creation also needs to convey the artist's thoughts through precise materials, production and presentation. Especially in the form of more diverse, focus on the "production" of contemporary art creation, this point is reflected more incisively and vividly.

Secondly, both of them are the reproduction of various "senses" and "tastes" of the creator, and the basic materials are inspired by infinite changes in their hands. It may or may not be presented perfectly, but that's part of its appeal. The artist often gets an unparalleled sense of accomplishment in the creative experience as an adventure; And the chef is also willing to trial and error again and again, so that the seemingly "failed" attempt to achieve a new dish.

Therefore, we might as well re-understand "cooking" as "creation in the kitchen"; "Making art" can also be seen as "another kind of cooking." Therefore, it is not difficult to explain why chefs are often hidden among artists. They naturally have different feelings and perspectives towards various things, which show their strength in the creation of food.

Futurist Cookbook

FUTURIST COOKBOOK is a poetic description of how dishes are cooked, but it doesn't have any culinary guidelines. For Marinetti, the process of buying and preparing food is an art in itself. As an important part of People's Daily life, cooking and dining can have an important influence on artists' creative ideas. In my opinion, family cooking comes from the knowledge passed down from generation to generation. These recipes and techniques, without any written instructions, can always bring us delicious meals through the hands of family members. This comes from the careful selection of ingredients and the ability to control taste, which can be said to be a conceptual practice based on theory.


"Kitchen" is actually an artistic project of Eliasson, which explores the close relationship between cooking and art, as well as between kitchen and art mechanism. The inspiration came from the studio's daily rhythm of making lunch, which had to be interrupted, until a professional chef came to cook, and it improved significantly in terms of taste, health and fluency. Will tell from my work, a day most of The food is prepared by The my hand, from preparation to make, every link of editing is based on cooking technique and artistic processing, as elea loose "The Kitchen", this is an experimental art plan, in fact I also in your spare time for my roommate and I try to make new dishes, however, to have a meal time is I and my roommate, exchange time, this next work progress is very helpful to us.

About install and fabricate...

For the degree show section, I made video works with the a plenty of the pictures to compose whole work. I will use the four flat screens to display the video and then will put them on the floor and stick the photos which took from my kitchen on the wall. These photo’s area will fill all over the wall, but they will be repetitive because I think this would be symbolize the repetitive life. Sometimes cooking is dull and same as I don’t have so much idea on cooking new meal but would feel bored about the current food. Then the same meal and the same taste would serve on the dining table. As for why I would put these screens on the floor not hang them on the wall, this is because I would love to invite people to feel the sight from the camera. I often think about the position of us when I read other’s social media information especially the selfie. ‘Are we visitors or cameras?’, our eyes like cameras to scan the information and these will reflect and process in our brain. Thus, I suppose to put these screens on the floor and let viewers visit this like they always heading down while they are playing the phones. When they head up, they will find out there are a plenty of photos on the opposite wall. This could regard as the continue of my works and I also would like to suggest them that there are always have more interesting objects happening when people head up.

About timeline and cost

This work could be more experimental, and the timeline will as long as two weeks from start to the end. At first three days, I would consider about the position of the camera and the composition of the picture. Also, I will do some research from the resource about food history and influences on the people such as how people treat delicious food in different history period. Then in the rest six days, I filmed every day and edit in basic way because I would do the last edition in last three days. At same time, I took photos to record the change of my kitchen and waiting for the last day to print them out.   


The cost, the materials are a variety of the food which bought the food and this could be around £100 and the cost of the screen will depend on the how can I rent this from equipment shops, or I can bought them from the eBay around 400£. As for the cost of the ink, they are around 30£.  Total: 530£. 

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