Empty Tape

I‘m not sure how to describe my childhood even it seems like that my parents could provide me a cosy family environment and best education. But I afraid that I never forget what they censured me when I was young. I use empty tape to sew these words on the canvas, and I hope they can remind themselves about something disturbing in memory. There's no point in blaming your parents now, because they don't remember the words, and in fact they don't say them out of spite. Tape, for me, it is a way to record the replay my memory in a specific way.


‘Empty tape’ is a continuing work of ‘Active and passive’. I began to explore the impact of family education. I always remember clearly what my parents said and in fact they don't remember any more, even some of the words my grandparents said. These words were too sharp and often made me feel sad, which would have some impact on my later life even my in behaviour. For example, "Don't talk back," which my parents used to say when they scolded me, caused me to become so numb as I grew up that I could not argue back even when I heard some opinions that I thought were wrong. I stuck to my sewing hobby, using tapes to record sounds as if they were threads sewn onto canvases as a way of recording, and the cascades of the tapes were covered with the fact that the words were always coming from there.