How much space to serve your desire?

How much space to serve your desire?       installation          Multi-material​               2019

In daily life, especially in China, over packaged is quite common in various situations. We often received any gift from other people and these luxury packages always just for some small items. These gifts transfer a great wish to us but there are also with some business need in those. But with these gifts, there are often carried other intention like business require. I often think about these presents that with colourful package, it seems like symbolize more desire of human and more pressure putting on the other people. When we open the delicate box, there is only a tiny item in it. That inspires me to do this work, I would like to invite viewers to think about how much we need to serve or provide a kind mind, how people to cover up their desire.

The history of food is deeply planted in every generation no matter who you come from. Eating food is one of my personal hobbies, but for the food as the theme of the works is unfamiliar area. However, Claes Oldenburg's work has given me great inspiration, as a pop artist, he likes to use direct way to make the sculpture by the itself. It is quite attracting me in ideas about sculpture expression form, and this also is a attractive pop culture, combining my personal interests and the moment for the excessive packing of the products, the resulting in my work ‘How Much Space to Serve Your Desire?’

Claes Oldenburg