specimen room

Specimen room           installation     canvas fabric              2019

My practice is still concentrating on shaping the body parts and using the sewing to express the pursuit of modern’s aesthetic. Whoever in this social environment, people are both dissatisfied with how they look like even though most of them don’t want to admit it. I think this is because more social media prefer to build a perfect public icon and attractive celebrities. Plastic surgery is on an assembly line, and people are looking for features that are more similar, which is why so many of the people in the selfies in look the same.  

Performance artist Orlan’s work gives me some inspiration in cosmetic surgery which also is a popular social topic. Plastic surgery and injectable drugs are highly controversial topics in China, where the government has been using various means to manage the medical beauty industry while using social media to urge young people to think carefully about cosmetic surgery. Orlan’s work is a series of plastic surgery challenge the notions that individuals embody an essential or interior self. From the Orlan’s work, she refused to accept the identity as a given then she did constantly surgeries to identify the true self. For me, I did ‘Specimen room’to express about what I think about plastic surgery. Her work gives me inspiration about doing my work by seeing she embedded prosthesis to chase what she wants to look like. Prosthesis is what I interested even appearance having the same characteristics, they come from most of famous medical products factory and put them under the skin which makes people look same. I would like to shape these same characters in human organ and using sewing onto the face collage like these faces are in facial surgery with tears of pain.