“Cleaning” happens every day in my life. I can’t stand living in an uncleaning environment and I don't even know when I started to have a slight obsession with cleanliness. In the video, I asked actress to clean every corner in her living area. From the bathroom to living room, anything what I am not satisfied, I will ask her to clean in advance. Actually, I always asked for doing house work to tidy my room in childhood. “Making everything back where they should be!” my mother always said so. Thus, this video work is still from my memory and affected by education from parents. No matter positive or negative.        

Tiny        Video       3'06"     2019 


"Tidy" is a series of works. Through the previous works active and Passsive and Empty tape, I seem to have gained some inspiration in tracing the source of my characteristics. Almost every day, I have to tidy up the daily necessities around me to make me comfortable, and even force my roommate to do housework. However, my roommate and I are totally opposite in personality. She doesn't like tidy living environment unless I force her to do housework. The Tidy series is a project that deepens the exploration. It combines the passive behavior in my previous works with the theme of family education.