Where to go?

Body parts are the core idea of my recent works. In this group show, we were asked to select an area in collage and try to use a specific way showing our works. The gesture is a basic intention of the hands meaning. In ancient Rome, the giant sculptures are always with the enormous background in it, every behaviours and expression in eye will have various meanings and understandings. I used the hands to put in these corners to leading people because this location has multiple elements and also could let viewers have an interactive experience in this show. 

Where to go?                             Sculpture    Plaster                2019

In ‘where to go’, I went back to the theme of the body parts as creating topic which also because that I did research about the Robert Gober. He likes to use the human body and daily objects to create the art works which explore the boundaries of the daily objects and art works.Hands belong to the part of the human body but extend from a strange place, this is a surprising and curious situation, it also played an enlightening role to my works. In my opinion, hand as part of the body has the vital role. At the same time, hands that made by plaster and with a strong guiding role, to guide the viewer to see to the other part. 

Robert Gober-----Body