Whispered Words

I gradually like to find more material to make installation works. The silk stocking is a special symbol in public vision. It is also a periodical clothing in growing process because that means mature and sexy in oriental culture. As time goes on, people are changing their mind and there are always controversial comments about women wearing the silk stockings. In my opinion, silk stocking is a material with sense of mystery but also could present the beauty of the female body. But why so many people think that means sexual innuendo? Because that it means a lot of potential meaning of it. So, I decide to write these whispered words under the silk stockings. 

In the fields of material, I got some inspiration from Sarah Lucas(see in critical analysis ). As the new material experiment, my work used to put some different material to inside the silk stocking such as water balloon and cotton, but I finally found the canvas fits this subject best. Silk stocking has a very strong female tendency, and this is also a material which has a mysterious temperament could hide some elements from other things. This is the first time that I tried the feminism topic as there are not so many feminism artists in China and I barely learned that from BA degree. The words are always giving me ideas to make works as I think the power of words could change anything deeply. 

Sarah Lucas