Would you marry me?

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Giving and receiving are common in any form of the relationship. I used to giving a lot but not hope to get receive especially in loving relationship, so it gives me some inspiration about start of the giving like hands. It is also inspired from Gary hill’s work ‘cut pipe’, I can see from the behaviours from the installation’s video which seemed like to express some meaning. Back to my work, giving presents is a way to show the love to each other, but what if one side is always giving? Humanity is ambivalent and constantly changing, it makes me question about the relationship and how to keep it. At least, giving is not always working out all of these problems, and I hope this work could let viewers to think and review. 

Most of time I feel hard to express some emotional words and behaviours to someone. Actually, presenting love is private thing to Chinese because our characters are much more introverted. The emotion, we are too shy to show to others, so we prefer to show that in some movements as what video is showing. I decided to using hands showing love which comes from the inspiration of Douglas Gordon. In his video work, it shows two hands fighting with each other but these actually from himself. It makes me realize that it looks like people are struggling with something annoying which could be regarded as troubling with themselves. Only from hands could show the rich emotions, this is what I learned and inspired from his work.